(Reprint with permission from DNR & Fisheries)

(A specialized wounded vet organization)

*How to choose the right Life Jacket.

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2017 Camping Season & Service Charges  

Author Book Signing Events!

No-July 21-23 Daedalus Books canceled Artscape tent, so I am not able to attend this year.

*August 4-6 I will be in the Annapolis Mall joining a Home Expo presentation. I was told my booth would be near the California Pizza kitchen to Crate and Barrel area; a  TRIPLE     NAVY-LOGO WHIRLIGIG will be available to purchase (or special order if sold out)

*August 12, I will be in the city of Cambridge, helping out the Fire & Rescue Department at their "All You Can Eat" Seafood Festival adjacent to the Sailwinds Tourism Building.

Our famous Red & Md State Flag CRAB WHIRLIGIGS Available to purchase!

*August 19, Will find me at the Solomon's Island "DRAGON BOAT RACES!" Ladies Cancer Survivor Teams from all over the east coast will compete. (Dragon theme whirligigs&kites with a special sign-able white with pink ribbon "Cancer Awareness Kite" will make its Maryland festival debut! 

*September 9&10, I will be in the Artist Village during the "50th" Anniversary of the Maryland Seafood Festival held at Sandy Point State Park.  FLYING KITES FOR SALE!

*September 22,23&24 I will be managing my own tent at the "Baltimore Book Fest" in the inner harbor this year. I am pulling out all the plugs and hope the presentation will be an eye popping and foot-stomping  good time!

I will be in my new "vendor tent" at all locations with my usual assortment of Books, Spinners and Maryland State Flag stickers & cup items!


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